My name is Raul, I used to work as a personal trainer and running coach in my country, Spain. I’ve been training athletics for more than 12 years and racing in national top level events. During the last 4 years I’ve been helping people with wheight loss, muscle gain and also improving running performance at an important athletic club of my city.

I studied Sports Science at college, and I’ve aditional formation in Athletic coach, Pilates, Funcional Training. Currently I’m developing a new career in Software Develoment in Brisbane(Australia), and this website is also part of this new project.

I give you the possibility to book a free session with me where I will give all my knowledge to help you wiith the best tips and we will do a little train together to see your level. After this we can continue working with one of the training plans to get your best shaoe and achieve your goals. Click here to start!