I’m Raúl , 25 years old born in Spain, but currently living in Gold Coast (Australia).I dedicated first labour and professional years to sports, studying superior grade in sports science, coaching athletics teams, and also competing myself federated at a national level. In addition to that, I’ve been always creating websites in the side.

Basically WordPress sites for my club, for my personal training projects, or even an e-commerce for the running shop where I also worked.

Once in Australia, where I came originally to study english, I decided to keep exploring the information and technology world enrolling in Diploma of Software Development and collaborating in web projects in Mexico with the team of Hummingbird Global Tech, whose members I met also in the Aussie adventure.

If you have any project, idea or question that involves e-commerce or web development , I would like to hear from you, we can start a conversation through my contact page.